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E for Eselwesel with A. J. Cosmo

I have a new book coming out soon with A.J. Cosmo.  Here is one of the first illustrations.


This is apart of his A-Z Monster series, which is a very cool idea.  He is working with other writers to write stories with his creations.  These stories are based on his Monsters A to Z
.  I have written before about how indie writers should exploring complete universes and A.J. is getting others to help create and play in his universe.  A wonderful idea.  The book should be out soon.

I interviewed A.J about a year ago, check out his website.


New illustrations from Baseball and Aliens

I am getting back into the picture book business.  Baseball and Aliens is my next project.  Intended for late first grade readers and up.  It is illustrated by John Balsley.  My last few books have been longer chapter books so I thought I would change it up a little.  I am getting excited as we continue to work on this.

I love the fact that I can work with an illustrator that isn’t near me.  John is here in the US.  Carla who does the wonderful work on my Kevin books is in the UK.  I just love that.  And the fact that I don’t have to go through a publisher to work with them is even more awesome.  Remember that if you are shopping around your book to publishers, doing it the traditional way means you wont get any input into the illustrations.  I learned that when I was shopping Kevin and the Seven Lion around.  The publishers were clear they decided on the illustrator.  This way I get to collaborate and decide what works and what doesn’t.  I love this world.

Here are some illustrations from the upcoming book.  Should be ready in August.

Baseball8.75 Baseballpage2colorweb Kindle Cover test 1


Update: Here is John’s Tumbler page to see more of his work.

First illustration from “Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien”

The new book is not a full blown picture book.  It is designed as an early chapter book, and I went with black and white illustration to save on the cost of printing the book.  Hopefully making the book more affordable.  Ironically it also makes the Kindle version cheaper to send.  Who knew?!

But of course the first illustration from a book about a three-headed alien is a pirate and his crew.  Sounds about right.

From the upcoming "Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien."

From the upcoming “Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien.”