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Hangout with A. J. Cosmo. We discuss his Monster A-Z series and children’s indie-publishing

AJ and I talked twice on Google.  This time didn’t record because frankly I didn’t know what I was doing.

After Youtube told us the video was removed for being too long, Youtube changed its mind and let the video up.

Don’t worry you only see my face for a few minutes, I eventually switch it to AJ.  And I didn’t (still don’t) know how to show both of us in the window.

Check out the interview I did with AJ last year.

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E for Eselwesel with A. J. Cosmo

I have a new book coming out soon with A.J. Cosmo.  Here is one of the first illustrations.


This is apart of his A-Z Monster series, which is a very cool idea.  He is working with other writers to write stories with his creations.  These stories are based on his Monsters A to Z
.  I have written before about how indie writers should exploring complete universes and A.J. is getting others to help create and play in his universe.  A wonderful idea.  The book should be out soon.

I interviewed A.J about a year ago, check out his website.