Profile Pic June 2011 (3 of 1)My name is Martin Tiller.  Like many people in the 21st century, I do and have done lots of different things.  I’ve come to realize that is a good thing.

I’ve been a legal and wedding videographer.  I have served as a youth minister, associate pastor and pastor of a small church.  I also shoot portraits and weddings. I taught elementary school in Virginia for 12 years.

But I started this blog because I wrote a children’s book, Kevin and the Seven Lions, and many people asked me about how and why I did it.  So I needed a place to write about that experience.

As the years have moved on I have written nine more books.  The most recent, Charlotte Morgan and the Great Big Math Problem.

After twelve years of teaching, I am trying this writing thing full time.

We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. jaypochapin

    Hello, Mr. Tiller!

    I am a writer, but not an author of books, preferring short forms, like observational essays. Like yourself, I’ve recently launched my own blog on WordPress. Although I have no plans to attempt any children’s literature, I believe I may like to follow your blog for awhile.

    When I was growing up, my family always went on vacation to Nags Head, so I have fond memories of the Outer Banks, especially a hotel which I imagine is no more: The Carolinian.

    Please permit me to extend my sincere best wishes for the success of your efforts.

    Jay Pochapin

  2. Cat Blount

    Greetings Martin,

    I share your love for writing children’s stories. I am an indie author of 13 published titles, of which seven are available to the public. I LOVE what I do and wanted to introduce you to my titles. Most of my books center around life lessons, however, a couple of them are just for laughs. Keep writing children’s books!!!

    My website is http://www.catblountstories.com. Please be sure to check out the “Fun Facts” for each of my titles. My Facebook account is http://www.Facebook.com/CatBlountAuthor.

    Thanks so much!


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