Things got better

This is a post I wrote on my personal Facebook page on New Year’s Eve Dec 31, 2019. I share here in hopes it will help someone.

The first quarter of 2019 for me was [expletive].

I mean the kind of [expletive] that only happens to other people, or in novels, or movies nominated for the best Oscar screenplay.

The kind that makes you go on first pass, no that didn’t happen.

Nope. That shit did, sorry…any other word would be dishonest. And I’m trying to not be dishonest.

But that’s okay, 2019 got better.

Here’s 12 ways I think it happened.

First, People will help if you ask.

So ask. That’s harder than it sounds. But that’s how I lived. That’s how Martin Lives with an Eight Old came to be. Without asking for help, it would be Martin lives somewhere. And there are too many people to tag here. But thank you.

Second, accept that people don’t always help in the way they first way they said they would help. Dont get mad. Accept the help they give.

You may ask for $10 and only get $5, don’t get entitled-take the five dollars.

Third, yes, your life has burned to the ground. But you’re alive, someone could use your help. Offer it.

Fourth, write three pages a day. Just vomit everything in your head onto the page. That saved my life. Three pages every day. I don’t know why it works–but it does. Trust me.

Fifth, don’t eat breakfast. You’ll live. You’ll be fine.

Sixth, swim. It’s nearly impossible to be sad while swimming. Can’t swim? Fine. Run. Get it out.

Seventh, do your best to meet someone new everyday.

Eighth, find old friends to stay in touch with.

Ninth, drink good coffee. No one in history got rich by skimping on coffee. Zero. Trust me. No one–got rich skipping coffee. No one. Drink good coffee, life’s too short.

Tenth, read a paperback. Keep several on your night stand.

Eleventh, show up. Show up for church, parties, opportunities. Some how show up.

Twelve, watch movies. Have fun.

Maybe this list should be 20 since it’s 2020, but I’m lazy.

And I have a paperback to read.

And if you need help, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe we can watch a movie together.

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