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In defense of snowdays

It’s a snow day here.  Three inches of snow with an expected couple of inches of ice on top.

And yes, I am home today.  My daughter is with me and so are the neighbor’s children.  I am not child free on a snow day.

My dog loves the snow. Seriously, she's like a snow plow on paws.

My dog loves the snow. Seriously, she’s like a snow plow on paws.

But let’s talk about how teachers are paid.

I am contracted to work for 7 hours and 15 minutes a day.  That’s what my salary is based on.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

But if I only worked those 7 hours and 15 minutes I would show up only a few minutes before the first students arrive at my door, and then I would be leaving as soon as I dropped the last one off on the bus.

But that’s not how my job works. AT MINIMUM I work an eight hour day.  And on those days I leave with a feeling that I still have a ton of work to do.

Most days I work 9 hours.  And on those days I still leave with the dreaded feeling I have a ton to do.

Some days I am at school 10 hours.  On those days I leave exhausted, with the dreaded feeling I still have a ton to do.

So everyday, I work unpaid hours.


No overtime.  None.

IF I worked only eight hours a day, that would work out to three hours and 45 minutes of unpaid time every week.

Multiply 3.75 hours a week out to a school year of 38 weeks equals 142.5 hours of unpaid time.

Now I realize that a salary really means work as along as you have to in order to complete the job. 

But still.

Snow days I consider nature’s way of giving teacher’s comp time.

Now, I have to go enter more grades.

Let’s say this again. You don’t need to pay anyone to publish!

Again.  In 2016, you don’t pay people to publish you.


You publish you.

I have had several conversation recently about this.

These are my steps:

  1. Write book.
  2. Hire cover designer.
  3. Hire editor.
  4. Publish on Amazon and iTunes.

No where in there do I need to pay someone thousands of dollars to get my work out.

If you see AuthorSolutions, iUniverse, Tate Publishing, just ignore them.  Please, I’m begging you.

Don’t believe me.  See these great posts from David Gaughran:

Author’s Guild ends relationship with Author Solutions.

The connections of Author Solutions with Barnes and Noble

Penguin helps exploit writers

In 2016 put your time and money into making a great book.  Your money goes to cover design, editing, and formatting.  NOT PUBLISHING.

Remember, YOU publish YOU.