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Facebook Memories and beginning of this strange thing I do.

According to Facebook I first shared to the world about my first book Kevin and the Seven Lions on October 30, 2012.

Kevin and the Seven Lions Memory

It was also announced that Disney had bought Star Wars and that there would finally be an Episode 7.  (Which is now only a few weeks away.)

Episode 7 30 rock

In those three years, I have met many  new people because of the books.

  • I have interviewed several people, including AJ Cosmo.
  • I have read my book to an entire school on the morning announcement.
  • I have sold autograph paperback copies.
  • Claudia Altucher, All Street Journal best-selling author of Become an Idea Machine, has sent people my way who needed help in creating their own children’s book.
  • I have been, (ever so briefly) high enough on best-seller lists to be within reach of Harry Potter.
  • I have meet Steven Smith another best-selling writer in the area.
  • My current principal has asked to meet with me to help with ideas on a book idea he has.
  • And there are many  other things to list.

I write this list for two reasons, one to remind myself what has happened, and two to show what is possible when you begin something new.  Writing books and telling stories is more than just book sales, although those do matter, there are numerous unexpected ways that creation will effect you and those around you.

Begin writing.  Trust me.