Daily Archives: September 29, 2015

Kindle Unlimited as a reader


Nothing gets debate more going among the writer community than Kindle Unlimited.  The idea of exclusivity is completely unacceptable to many.  And then there are many arguments as to why exclusivity is good.

But from the reader’s perspective, I am a fan of Unlimited.  I spoke with a writer recently who is not a subscriber to KU because they’re aren’t authors that he knows.

Two things on this.

One, JK Rowling and Ian Fleming are two authors currently in KU.  You may know them better for their creations of Harry Potter and James Bond.

Two, the point IS to discover new writers.  I discovered Elwyn Tate, his book The Deep and Snowy Wood is wonderful.  I highly recommend it, wonderful picture book.

I discovered it, because of KU.

As a reader I recommend it.  I have been able to read many different types of books as well.  Books on stocks, picture books, sci-fi books, Kindle singles, I find that currently it is worth the $10 a month.

And as a writer, I notice that when people check out my books on KU sales increase as well.

For both the reader and the writer, that is a good thing.