Daily Archives: March 1, 2015

Get my first book Kevin and the Seven Lions for free

I pulled Kevin and the Seven Lions from the exclusivity of Amazon back in January.  You can still get it there, but not in the Prime library or Kindle Unlimited.

"Kevin and the Seven Lions"

For some reason Amazon has not let the book go permafree.  Amazon seems to be very difficult in doing that, I have no control of them.  Of course it is in their interest to charge for it.

But you can get it for free in EPUB format or PDF format if you join my Insider’s List.

You get a whole bunch of other freebies as well.  But that is the big one.  It is my first book and it was what started this whole adventure.

Also if you join now you will be entered to get signed copies of all five books.

Click here to join.