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I’m trying something new.  I am going to limit this gift to the first 20 or so sign-ups.  Join my Insider’s List and receive Kevin and the Triple Creature Feature for free.  I want to begin an email list with exclusive info.  If you join I will gift the Kindle book to you!



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New illustration from Baseball and Aliens

Here is a new illustration from Baseball and Aliens.  Check out John’s Tumbler here.  If anyone wants to help start a company that makes Holographic Umpires let me know.



You  can pre-order the book here.  It will be released at the end of September.

Also Dolbin School for the Extraordinary is a Kindle Countdown Deal this week.  Check it out for 99 cents.

 Dolbin Kindle Cover

Click here to get it at Amazon.

Baseball and Aliens is now ready for pre-order.

I was not expecting this.  We are finishing up the illustrations for Baseball and Aliens, and yesterday Amazon upped it’s game by allowing pre-orders for KDP members.  Since each pre-order helps with the ranking of the book when it is released I immediately jumped on getting this set-up.

Kindle Cover test 1

Click here to pre-order the book

Now, thank you so much for doing that!

If you would like some free gifts for pre-ordering, click here and paste in your Amazon order number and join my Insider’s List.

From there you will receive a link for a current work-in-progress, I am working on a book for teachers to give them ideas on earning extra money.  The work in progress is a full blown rough draft, but I want to share it and I want feedback as well.

Second, receive 10 free downloads from my photography site

Third, get $5 off any order at

Now, what is this Insider’s List?

Well, I need a way to reach readers without being dependent on Facebooks algorythmns or RSS feeds from WordPress.  Yes, it’s a mailing list.  But, since I am a teacher, there is no way I can send stuff everyday.  I intend on sending stuff quite irregularly.  But when I do send out updates it will be with updates not posted anywhere else, it will include recommends on books and authors.

And for those authors reading this, I have just numerous times recently how important a mailing list is.  I have a current mailing list for just new releases.  I was afraid to fill-up people’s inboxes.  But I’ll be honest that approach isn’t working, so I need to try something new.

So anyway pre-order the book for $2.99 and get at least $15 back in value.