Daily Archives: July 14, 2014

New Short Story-The Four Mile Sprint

I am working with an illustrator on a new picture book. In the meantime though I wrote a short story. It is based on characters and situations from my book Dolbin School for the Extraordinary. I’ve written about the idea that as an indie writer, or any writer for that matter, can work in terms of universes and not necessarily sequels. This short story tells the background of a supporting character from my book. I had fun making it. I am okay if I am the only person who buys a copy.

I was inspired by Hugh Howey, who in the past fews weeks has published at least two short stories quickly. There are short story categories in Amazon, making it a category that people search for anyway. Dean Wesley Smith has recommended writing short stories and then submitting them to magazines. I would still consider that, but I must admit, writing a short story and then submitting it to Amazon is easier.

This was also my attempt at book cover creating. I used Sketchup and Photoshop CC. I have a ways to go. But I’m learning.

Four Mile Sprint Cover 2

Click on the pic for the story on Amazon.