Daily Archives: November 9, 2013

Thankful for Technology, Creativity, and just plain Luck.

I’m 40.  I should be a curmudgeon.  But I love 21st century technology.  I love Amazon.  I love Youtube. I love Google Docs, and I love my Skydrive, since I can access Word apps on my phone.

And unlike most people my age I think technology has made life better.  A lot better.

Like most indie-writers I go through bouts of obsessively checking my Amazon numbers.  (Note to self-stop that.)  But in the midst of an obsessive Amazon checking episode I noticed that I should some ebooks in Germany and the UK this past week.  Wait?  What!

I’ve never been to Germany.  I’ve been to Oktoberfest at Busch Gardens, but not Germany.


I guess this is Oktoberfest.

I had a stop over at Heathrow airport at some point the 20th century.  But I’ve not visited England this century.

So how did I sell some books in the UK and Germany?

I honestly have no earthly idea.

Whoever bought them, I hope they like them.  Thank you for giving me a chance!

What a different time we live in.  You don’t need to throw yourself at the mercy of the gatekeepers in New York and LA.  Make your own creation and let others decide if it should live.

I am thankful for living in a time that allows me to do that.