Journal Entry: Apocalypse Day 1 (A fantastical journal of being locked at home.)

The eight year old had a meltdown due to the fact her teacher sent homework via email, and her father could access said email and understand Google Classroom.

The eight year old had a friend over, inspite of the social pressure to not have friends over, because the friend’s mother is out vanquishing zombies. And she needed childcare.

I spent the morning cleaning the bunker. Every clean spot I considered a victory.

We took a brief respite outside, as it unwise to let the canine relieve herself inside the bunker. We saw two other children who quickly scurried behind a tree. Several vultures flew over head. But they avoided us–today.

Back inside the eight year and friend have not yet caused chaos. But it is early.

The pop tarts rations are supposed to arrive tomorrow. This keeps me going.

Things got better

This is a post I wrote on my personal Facebook page on New Year’s Eve Dec 31, 2019. I share here in hopes it will help someone.

The first quarter of 2019 for me was [expletive].

I mean the kind of [expletive] that only happens to other people, or in novels, or movies nominated for the best Oscar screenplay.

The kind that makes you go on first pass, no that didn’t happen.

Nope. That shit did, sorry…any other word would be dishonest. And I’m trying to not be dishonest.

But that’s okay, 2019 got better.

Here’s 12 ways I think it happened.

First, People will help if you ask.

So ask. That’s harder than it sounds. But that’s how I lived. That’s how Martin Lives with an Eight Old came to be. Without asking for help, it would be Martin lives somewhere. And there are too many people to tag here. But thank you.

Second, accept that people don’t always help in the way they first way they said they would help. Dont get mad. Accept the help they give.

You may ask for $10 and only get $5, don’t get entitled-take the five dollars.

Third, yes, your life has burned to the ground. But you’re alive, someone could use your help. Offer it.

Fourth, write three pages a day. Just vomit everything in your head onto the page. That saved my life. Three pages every day. I don’t know why it works–but it does. Trust me.

Fifth, don’t eat breakfast. You’ll live. You’ll be fine.

Sixth, swim. It’s nearly impossible to be sad while swimming. Can’t swim? Fine. Run. Get it out.

Seventh, do your best to meet someone new everyday.

Eighth, find old friends to stay in touch with.

Ninth, drink good coffee. No one in history got rich by skimping on coffee. Zero. Trust me. No one–got rich skipping coffee. No one. Drink good coffee, life’s too short.

Tenth, read a paperback. Keep several on your night stand.

Eleventh, show up. Show up for church, parties, opportunities. Some how show up.

Twelve, watch movies. Have fun.

Maybe this list should be 20 since it’s 2020, but I’m lazy.

And I have a paperback to read.

And if you need help, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe we can watch a movie together.

Happy Holidays and New Year’s!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.

I am very appreciative of all the readers of my books in 2019. Thank you. Don’t let anyone tell you kids aren’t reading.

In my own, business I sold more paperbacks than I did ebooks. That was an interesting change. I am curious to how that is working for other indie writers.

I am still working on Number Investigators three, Sally and the STEM Competition. My life was thrown upside down in 2019, with a separation and move. And that is one of those moments that can keep you from your writing and sense of creativity. But as my daughter and I slowly grow back into a new rhythm, my writing and creativity is slowing waking up. Sometimes things don’t go the way you want, and you learn to get back up again.

As 2020 approaches, I want to offer my support to anyone wanting to write, I can offer feedback and suggestions. Just message me here on the site or find me on Facebook.

I look forward to posting here more regularly. I notice I am enjoying simply writing this post. Funny how work and creativity creates momentum of it’s own.

Here is to more reading, new books, and life in 2020.

My latest book, Charlotte Morgan and the Lemonade Stand is now available

Charlotte Morgan and the Lemonade Stand is now available on Kindle. So please check it out and share with your friends.

It is the second in The Number Investigator series. It’s a series I hope will bring some enjoyment to math to students, and others. It is my hope they will see the fun in STEM activities and how we use STEM on a daily basis.

The next in the series will focus on Sally Hemingway. My editor told me to give each character a book. That was too good of an idea to pass up.

Anyway it’s out now. Would love for you to pick it up and tell me what you think.

Click here to pick up the book on Amazon. Thanks!

My first trip to a reptile show–and where I learn my daughter speaks parseltongue



It was my first trip a reptile show.

First things first, we didn’t plan on going to a reptile show, I planned on going to a comic-con at the Richmond Internation Raceway, but when we got there we a saw a sign for a repetile exhibition.  And my daughter loves animals, so we decided to check it out.

I was not expecting to snakes tables and tables of snakes.


And my daughter loved it.



There was even a table of geckos.

And ungodly huge tarantula.

“Daddy can we get a snake?”





My daughter speaks parselftongue.  


Reading Kevin and the Seven Lions at the RVA Booklovers Festival

This past Saturday, I was part of the first RVA Booklovers Festival put on by Brandylane Publishers here in Richmond.

One of the aspects of the festival was reading by different authors.  I read my first book, Kevin and the Seven Lions, then I spoke with the kids about coming up with ideas for writing.

As you can tell by my outfit, it was very cold.



Talking about how to come up with ideas for writing.

Note hat. It was cold.


Ant-Man and The Wasp–A light and very fun comic book movie–better than Avengers

I’m gonna get right to it.  Ant-Man and Wasp is better than Avengers Infinity War.

Yeah, I said it.

Fight me.

Here is a comic book movie where the characters know they’re in a comic book movie and they are enjoy the crap out of themselves for it.  Please go away sad, dark, comic book characters. We’ve done that.  It’s played out.  And frankly, No one has done it well since Christopher Nolan six years ago—see Superman.

Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, let comic book movies be fun again.

So thank you Antman and Wasp for being fun and silly, and freakin’ enjoying yourself.

The plot is pretty simple.  Sometime in 80s Janet Van Dyne with her husband Hank Pym shrink to stop a Soviet missile, but during the mission they realize that they  need to go to the sub-atomic quantum realm, which is comic book talk for really really small.  Anyway, apparently it is impossible to come back from being too small.  So Janet Van Dyne saves the day by going really really small and shutting down the missile.

Years later, Scott Lang when he steals the Antman suits goes subamotic and comes back.   Which gives both Hank Pym and his daughter Hope Pym, hope that Janet is still alive.  So they build technology to bring her back, but that technology is very valuable.

Fast forward to today where Scott Lang is for whatever reason, under house arrest for two years.  Apparently, helping Captain America in an Avengers movies is worthy of house arrest, for whatever reason.

The house arrest is really just a plot set-up.  It gives Scott a reason to panic later when he is not in the house.

Evangeline Lilly plays The Wasp and she leads the movie.  She does a wonderful job in the action sequences, and holds her own against the comic timing of Paul Rudd who plays Antman.

But the best scenes belong to Michael Pena, as Luis, a former cellmate of Scott, who now runs X-Con security company.

We need a Luis movie.

The movie is light and fun.  Which is a nice change of pace from the super serious comic book movies we’ve been getting.

Wait for the first ends credits scene to see how this movie connects with Avengers: Infinity War.

Final Thoughts

I recommend catching this in the theater.  It is very fun.