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Thank goodness they don’t build them like they used to.

My wife and daughter were in a serious car accident last week.

They’re fine now. My daughter left the hospital the same day, and my wife came home a few days later.

I was telling an older person about the accident and how the car was totaled.  She replied with the standard old person response with “They don’t make them like they used too.”

Well, thank goodness for that. 

Cars are now designed to crumple and send airbags and curtain air-bags to keep you from hitting your head against the glass.

This car was flipped and upside down at the accident scene, but my family was able to walk away relatively unharmed.

In the good old days with just a lap belt there would have been large internal injuries around the spleen and back.  And with no airbags heads would have hit the hard steering wheel and my daughter would have cracked her head against the glass.  Instead she has a few bruises and an interesting story to tell.

Yes, thank goodness they don’t make ’em like they used too.