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Hire what you are not

The hiring process part of the next Kevin book is over.  Now the real work begins.

I’ve written before about the importance of hiring someone to help you in some way, be it in editing, illustration, making the book cover, book design, ebook formatting, or all of the above, odds are you are going to need some help with something.  It is okay to not be able to do everything.

Everyone needs help, even The Beatles.

Everyone needs help, even The Beatles.

I am currently in final editing process for the next Kevin book.  The manuscript should be in it’s final edited phase by next Thursday.  I need help with proofing and editing, as does every writer.  But I’m really terrible at proofing, not my strength.  I’ve also read that writers are too close to their own writing anyway to edit it. That is very true for me.

Hire for what you are not 

I’m also not an illustrator.  I am a photographer, but not an illustrator.  Consequently I needed to hire an illustrator.  And my illustrator will also do the book cover as well.  I can get two birds with one stone there.

Do what you are

I won’t use anyone to help me design the book or the Kindle version.  Looking at the first Kevin book, the only thing that I might change would be the font.  But that is a personal taste I guess.  And formatting a Kindle book isn’t much different from formatting a website, which I’ve done plenty of over the last 15 years.

Where do you hire?

I’ve used Elance over the last several years for various projects.  But there are other places to use as well.  I’m just comfortable with Elance.

Of course if you know someone that can do what you need, such as illustration or editing that may work as well.  I have not had that happen yet, I really like hiring people I don’t know personally, it allows more of an ability to say “no” when needed.

Hiring someone can raise the level of your book, and keep it from that “self-published” look.

I put the last period on the next Kevin book in February   In the traditional publishing world, as I understand it, I would pretty much be done.  The publisher would take the manuscript edit it, get an illustrator and book cover artist.

In this new world, I am in charge of those added elements.  Which is why independent publishing gives you higher royalties than traditional contracts.  Makes sense, I do more, I need to get paid more.  I like that.


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