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Baseball and Aliens is now ready for pre-order.

I was not expecting this.  We are finishing up the illustrations for Baseball and Aliens, and yesterday Amazon upped it’s game by allowing pre-orders for KDP members.  Since each pre-order helps with the ranking of the book when it is released I immediately jumped on getting this set-up.

Kindle Cover test 1

Click here to pre-order the book

Now, thank you so much for doing that!

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Now, what is this Insider’s List?

Well, I need a way to reach readers without being dependent on Facebooks algorythmns or RSS feeds from WordPress.  Yes, it’s a mailing list.  But, since I am a teacher, there is no way I can send stuff everyday.  I intend on sending stuff quite irregularly.  But when I do send out updates it will be with updates not posted anywhere else, it will include recommends on books and authors.

And for those authors reading this, I have just numerous times recently how important a mailing list is.  I have a current mailing list for just new releases.  I was afraid to fill-up people’s inboxes.  But I’ll be honest that approach isn’t working, so I need to try something new.

So anyway pre-order the book for $2.99 and get at least $15 back in value.  

Dolbin School for the Extraordinary is now available on Kindle

Woo-Hoo!  The new book is here

Dolbin Kindle Cover

Click on the pic to get the book at Amazon.

The book is currently #90 on the Hot New release list in Children’s ebooks.  Sweet.  I got a screen grab when it hit #100.

It may not be the top 100 regular children's books.  I'll take it.

It may not be the top 100 regular children’s books. But I’ll take it.

The book is a 27,000 word middle grade book for 4th graders and up.  I am probably breaking all sorts of rules by not staying in the same genre.  I’ve gone from picture book, to chapter book, to middle grade book.  There in lies the beauty of indie publishing.  Some agent or publisher wouldn’t allow that.

Anyway, it’s only going to be 99 cents for a few days.  So pick it up now and let me know what you think.

Trying to write a chapter book, a chapter a day.

My third book is currently being edited and I am in the midst of hiring a book cover designer.

So naturally I decided to begin work on a third Kevin book.


The first two books were written with the plan of the story in my head, and consequently the story unfolded as I wrote the story.  Because I now have a chapter book under my belt my work flow is a little different.  I actually wrote out a couple of paragraphs detailing the story, then I broke that into individual chapters.  It is with that outline I hope to write a first draft of the third Kevin book in about three weeks.  The book in the outline form has 21 chapters.  The final book should be somewhere in the 10,000-11,000 word range.  That around 525 words a day.  525 words a day and in three weeks you have a book leveled for 3rd and up.  Or you have a novella for adults.  The point is with regular everyday writing, you pretty quickly have enough to put together a story.

As a side note, Hugh Howey’s first Wool novella was somewhere in that range.  (No. I’m not going to look up an exact count.  Do it.  And leave a note in the comments.)

If I didn’t have a day job.  I teach 5th grade.  I could do it a lot quicker.  I read that R.L. Stine at one point was putting out a Goosebumps book once a month.

One a month, for 20 years.  And you have quite the franchise.

One a month, for 20 years. And you have quite the franchise.


Dean Wesley Smith writes a lot about the myth of writing slow.  If you are unfamiliar with his work check it out, he blows the lid off the idea that writing a book must be slow.

The point is writing should be fun.  And in this new world you should be putting out as much work as possible.

So here is hoping I can finish in 21 or so.  I’ll keep you posted.


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Kevin and the Seven Lions Free Promotion extended

I have one more day left for a free promotion and the book is currently at 24 on the top 100 free children’s books.  Would love to see it break the top 20.  Click on the pic to visit the Amazon page.

You don’t need a Kindle to read it.  You can read it with a Kindle App on your Ipad or read it with the Kindle Cloud  Reader.

"Kevin and the Seven Lions"