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The Idea for lesson plans with the new book.

I have a new book available for preorder.  The Return of the Professor, The Dolbin School 3.

The Return of the Professor Kindle Cover 1

But I am also offering lesson plans/activities to go with it, and the other two books in the Dolbin School Series.

Knowing my readers

I don’t know why more writers don’t do  this.  Especially if you write for children.  When books are taught in class, teachers need to take the time to come up with plans for the books they use.  I am a teacher.  I want teachers to use my books.

When visiting Potomac Elementary School, I spoke with the librarian and she told me that she appreciated Dolbin School for the Extraordinary for the short chapters.  Suddenly it dawned on me that teachers were using my books.

I also know that parents of older kids are reading the series, so with these activities parents can also have some value with with the books.

How many times have you had your child read a book and then be done with it?  I hope with these activities I hope parents will be given ideas of what to do with other books their children read.

Trying something new

With the release of this new books I have taken over a year to get the book the out.  Which is a mistake and another post in among itself.  So I wanted to do something different for it.

I have no idea if this make any difference in sales. But part of indie-publishing is trying something new and experimenting.

But I also know who a lot of my readers are, and I know what they need.  And I know they need activities and lesson plans.

So here’s how get the plans for the new book.

  1. Buy the book.
  2. Forward your receipt to

An email will be sent immediately to you with a link for the plans.


I also have lesson plans for my Kevin series.  If you join my Insider’s List you get them for free.  They were written by  a teacher friend Nikki Sabistion over at Teaching in Progress.


New book, The Return of the Professor, now available for Preorder.

My newest book, The Return of the Professor; The Dolbin School 3, is now available.

The Return of the Professor Kindle Cover 1

Click here to preorder the book.

Because I know that a lot of my readers are teachers and parents, I created 15 pages of lessons plans and activities from the entire Dolbin School series, Dolbin School for the Extraordinary, The Dark Cloud Rises, and now The Return of the Professor.

In order to get the extra plans all you need to do is:

  1. Buy the Book.
  2. Forward your receipt to

That’s it.

The last day to get the extras is June 17.

Please share this out.

Getting Ready for my first school visit

Next week I am visiting Potomac Elementary School in Northern Virginia.  I got this picture below.  I will be also be visiting the school with AJ Cosmo as well.

I am looking forward to not only meeting the students, but also meeting teachers.  Having teachers support your work is amazing and as I have mentioned in the past a great way to develop an audience.  When teachers and librarians recommend books, they recommend them to dozens if not hundreds of students over time.

If you write children’s books, get yourself into the school libraries.

I am blessed to have this opportunity, I am looking forward to it!

Seriously, never in a million years would I have thought this would happen.

Seriously, never in a million years would I have thought this would happen.

New giveaway with other middle grade writers

I seem to be giving away book away recently.

I am a teacher.  One of the difficulties for teachers is getting kids to read.  So I put together a group of books from other writers that write for reluctant readers, as we educators like to refer to students who don’t like to read.

Looking at these books as paperbacks made me realize I need to up my game in the paperback department.

Looking at these books as paperbacks made me realize I need to up my game in the paperback department.

Raymond Bean is a fourth grade teacher in New York City. So he also sees daily what I see.  So he writes books that he believes reluctant readers will want to read.  He is both a traditional and indie writer.  His Sweet-farts series is currently published through Amazon and his latest series Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionare is published through Capstone.  But I have included one of his indie titles-Baseball: A ticket to the Bigs.  Since it is baseball season I thought it would be  a good entry in the ggiveaway.

AJ Cosmo has been on this blog several times.  His first chapter book for middle grade readers is Soaked.  I highly recommend it.  So it makes the cut.

A Summer in the Woods is written by Steven K. Smith.  He is a writer here in Richmond as well.  I interviewed him on the blog a few months ago.  His book is great because it uses historical accuracy when describing the Richmond, Virginia area.

Check out the giveaway here.

If you enter the giveaway, you will be added to my Insider’s List.  Once on that list, you will receive my first book Kevin and the Seven Lions for free, plus a couple of other short stories for free.

Also you receive a link to the giveaway.  When you share that link out and you get someone else to sign-up you get four more entries in the giveaway.  I set it up that way  in hopes that people will share out the giveaway.

The New Book-The Dark Cloud Rises is now available.

After months of work before school, the book is finally here.  (Click here to get it.)




The book will be available for 99 cents for a few days then it goes to $2.99.   It already has several reviews.

Martin Tiller has done it again! If you haven’t read all of the Dolbin School series, you should! This is yet another great one in the series.Tiller keeps his readers both yound and older engaged until the end. I would recommend this for upper elementary students to ready independently but would work as a read aloud for lower elementary students. Happy reading!

I would love it if you checked it out and told me what you thought!

The Proof is here

The first proof arrived today.

The first proof arrived today.

Hugh Howey does unboxing videos.  I am lazy and only do stills when new books arrive.  The first proof for The Dark Cloud Rises arrived today.  I still get smiles when I see a new book arrive.

Creating a Kindle book is great, but seeing a paperback in your hands is something else.

It is awesome.

(The book will be available on April 28.)

Celebrating Opening Day Baseball and Aliens is free this week.

To celebrate baseball’s opening day and week I have put my baseball book on free until Thursday.


Kindle Cover test 1

Click on the picture to go to Amazon for the book.

In other news I just sent out advanced review copies of The Dark Cloud Rises-The Dolbin School Book 2.  It will be available on April 28.



March Hangout with AJ Cosmo

It’s been a couple of months since AJ and I have been able to do a Hangout as my day job of teaching fifth grade gets VERY busy during January and February.  But we were finally able to catch up.

We talk about the strangeness of digital piracy, writing longer books, growing a Twitter following, using your email list to reach your readers, and doing pre-release with Amazon KDP.

Also I know there are a lot of teachers that read my stuff so I have added a comprehension packet to my Insider’s list freebies.

Kevin Books TPT giveaway

Get a free ebook copy of Kevin and the Seven Lions plus the comprehension pack by Nikki Sabiston, who is a fourth grade teacher in Virginia.  Check out her blog here.

To get the book and comprehension packet join my Insider’s List.