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Bookbub and Permafree

Some how I got a second Bookbub feature.  I am very thankful for that, as I know how difficult it can be to get a spot.

This is a powerful email to be in.

This is a powerful email to be in.


Kevin and the Seven Lions was a feature on May 11.  That day it gave away 9505 copies on Amazon and 1664 copies between Apple and Nook. Draft2digital doesn’t give me specific numbers in stores until the next month.

Yes.  That's free.  But still cool.

Yes. That’s free. But still cool.

My hope is that bump will be longer than the bump that came with the paid promo of Kevin and the Three-Headed Alien.  This promo added more email subscribers, and added a lot more reviews.  And most of the reviews are 4 and 5 star, so I am good with that.  I even sold a copy of the Audio book.  And that is great because the audio book has sold only a few copies.

But the best part was seeing it hit the #1 Children’s Book on the free list.

Hitting Number one in Children's free.  Yes.  It is free.  I will take it.

Hitting Number one in Children’s free. Yes. It is free. I will take it.

Amazon is a search engine, not a bookstore.  By hitting the number one spot my visibility increased big time.  Also more people downloaded the book then have visited this blog, think about that for moment.  Blogging is fun.  Blogging helps get my name out  But a permafree book on Amazon gets more downloads than an old fashion blog.  There is an SEO lesson there.

Here is my post from the first time I was on Bookbub.