March Hangout with AJ Cosmo

It’s been a couple of months since AJ and I have been able to do a Hangout as my day job of teaching fifth grade gets VERY busy during January and February.  But we were finally able to catch up.

We talk about the strangeness of digital piracy, writing longer books, growing a Twitter following, using your email list to reach your readers, and doing pre-release with Amazon KDP.

Also I know there are a lot of teachers that read my stuff so I have added a comprehension packet to my Insider’s list freebies.

Kevin Books TPT giveaway

Get a free ebook copy of Kevin and the Seven Lions plus the comprehension pack by Nikki Sabiston, who is a fourth grade teacher in Virginia.  Check out her blog here.

To get the book and comprehension packet join my Insider’s List.

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