Kevin and the Triple Creature Feature is a Kindle Countdown Deal this week.

I had totally forgotten I had set the third Kevin book to a Kindle Countdown this week.  Anyway it is the third book in the Kevin series.  Maybe I will get back to that series soon.  99 cents is as good as it is going to get.  So get it now.


In other news Kevin and the Seven Lions is free on Nook and Kobo.  I still can’t get the Amazon to price match.  You could help by click on the Find a Lower Price Link, and then linking the Nook or Kobo link.  (Apple is taking it’s sweet Molasses time in putting the book up on iTunes.  You know.  Because. Apple.)

"Kevin and the Seven Lions"

I am trying to get Kevin and the Seven Lions go perma-free on Amazon.   It’s a strategy that seems to work for a lot of people.  And the book long since made a profit on what I put into it.  (The others, well that’s a different story.)  By doing that it would be the plan that hope the sales on the sequels would increase.

So if anyone here can let Amazon know that the book is free on the other sites that would be a great help.

If you’re a writer and have tried the perma free approach, please share you experience in the comment section.

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