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It looks like I am going to gradually be leaving exclusivity of Amazon’s KDP Select.  The books will still be available on Amazon, but soon they will be on Nook and Kobo.  Apple will take a little longer but eventually.  Because you know, Apple.

I have written before about leaving Amazon exclusivity.  Some of my concerns remain.  Amazon is just better than everyone else.  They’re the New York Yankees and everyone else is playing softball.  But things change.

Dolbin Kindle Cover


So first up Dolbin School for the Extraordinary is now available on Kobo, Nook, Page Foundry and Scribd.

Exclusivity to Amazon can be beneficial for some books and some authors.  For two years it was useful to me.  If I ran a free promo or a Kindle Countdown then I could almost always count on some sort of bounce in sales.  But over the last few months that has been less of a guarantee.  I liked the idea of the Kindle Countdown Deal, but Amazon went and hid the countdown deal on the Kindle.  The Kindle Countdown link used to be on the front page of the bookstore on my Kindle.  Then it was hidden in a Kindle Deals link.  So not only was any book I had on sale hidden, so was the category that the book was in.  The trade off in exclusivity had run out for me.

Kindle Unlimited I have mixed feelings on.  I like that I get paid if someone simply opens the book.  When the program began a reader had to read through 10% of the book before I got paid.  Also the amount I got paid for a borrow changed.  Before Unlimited Amazon was paying around $2 per borrow through the Amazon Prime Program.  But in October I got paid $1.33 per borrow.  Nothing wrong with that, but when I calculate $2 per borrow that’s a big drop in income.

I have nothing against exclusivity if I get something good in return and over the last six months those good things have slowly disappeared.  Now things change a lot in this business, so maybe a year from now things will be different.

Plus now that i have several titles available that will allow some room to experiment.  Put new books in for the exclusivity and see how it goes, and then adjust as necessary.

New Services

I have added a very simple page.  if you are making an indie book and need help please contact me and let’s see how I can help.

Free Books

Get free short stories and free books if you sign-up for my Insider’s List.  You get future books for free before they are available in stores.

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