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How to be famous forever

There was a question on Quora that I answered.

As a person of the arts, (drama, literature, music etc.) what does it take to be remembered by history and to stand the test of time?

I thought it was an interesting question.  So I did a little reading on those that I considered to have stood the test of time, at least 300 years time.

First, let say me I think there is some luck involved here.

After that, you need to be prolific.  

Seriously, over 450 books.

Seriously, over 450 books.

Isaac Asimov wrote over 450 books.

Van Gogh made over 2,000 works of art.

Mozart composed over 600 works of music.

Charlie Chaplin made nearly 100 movies.

Miles Davis’ had at least 48 studio albums, plus dozens of live albums.

Shakespeare wrote at least 37 plays.

Dickens wrote at least 15 novels, five novellas, and hundreds of short stories.

Steven Spielberg has producer credits on at least 147 movies.

Hitchcock directed over 50 movies.

Be prolific.