Kevin and the Seven Lions is discounted this week, plus new The Monster Who Ate My Socks

"Kevin and the Seven Lions"

My first book, Kevin and the Seven Lions, is a Kindle Countdown Deal this week.  Check it out for 99 cents before it goes back up to $2.99.  Click here to get it:

Also AJ Cosmo, just updated one of his best sellers, The Monster Who Ate My Socks.  He updated it to print with a lesson plan written by yours truly.

Monster who ate my socks

Also I am didiligentlyorking on the sequel to Dolbin School for the Extraordinary.  If you would like to get the book for free before it is available on Amazon join my Insider’s List.  Also if you join before December 1 you will be entered into a drawing to earn signed copies of all five of my paperbacks. Click here to join the list:

Join my Insider's List for a chance at a signed copy all of my books.

Join my Insider’s List for a chance at a signed copy all of my books.

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