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E for Eselwesel with A. J. Cosmo

I have a new book coming out soon with A.J. Cosmo.  Here is one of the first illustrations.


This is apart of his A-Z Monster series, which is a very cool idea.  He is working with other writers to write stories with his creations.  These stories are based on his Monsters A to Z
.  I have written before about how indie writers should exploring complete universes and A.J. is getting others to help create and play in his universe.  A wonderful idea.  The book should be out soon.

I interviewed A.J about a year ago, check out his website.


Releasing a baseball book the same week Derek Jeter gets into publishing

So my latest book is now ready in the Kindle Store.

Kindle Cover test 1

Click here to get the book.

I can never release books on the original schedule I want.  I had hope to get the book out during the summer in the middle of the baseball and summer movie season, thus combining the two things that inspired the book.  But oh well.

I laughed though when I saw the lists that it appeared on.  Apparently future Hall 0f Famer Derek Jeter has also gotten into the publishing business and his company decided to pre-release a book the same week my book came out.  It still makes me laugh.


I'm okay being behind these guys.  I need to read that Pete the Cat book.

I’m okay being behind these guys. I need to read that Pete the Cat book.

Here’s to hoping baseball see Derek’s book and there is my book at a much cheaper price. Hey! It’s only 99 cents for a few days!

But in all honesty this is as close to Jeter as I will ever get so I am going to smile and enjoy it.

Okay, Captain, you can have first place.

Okay, Captain, you can have first place.

Learning Facebook ads and books

Kevin and the Seven Lions is a 99 cents Kindle Countdown Deal this week. (Click here to get it.)

"Kevin and the Seven Lions"



But the real news is that I noticed when I promoted a Facebook post announcing the deal that I got more clicks on the link then I had when I hadn’t boosted it.

Here is the post:



I do think the click increase also has to do with the language of the post.  This time I mentioned that the story  of Kevin also includes a good teacher.  And since I am selling to teachers that seems to have increased the post engagement.

I run a Facebook just to see what sort of engagement I can get.  Writers will pay for a Bookbub or Freebooksy Promotion, why not try a Facebook post that will give you more info?  You get no info from the others on how many  people click through to see your book.  I get that info with a Facebook ad.

This was just an experiment.  I believe that part of our jobs is marketing.  Finding new readers and fans.  This is the business part of the equation.

If you have any experience with Facebook ads, leave a comment and share your experience.