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Amazon helps children books authors with updates

I noticed last week when I uploaded a short story to Amazon that there was a new change in KDP for children’s writers.

Now Amazon allows you to add the grade level and age range for your book.  Before this needed to be down just in your blurb.

This change allows for people to find your work by searching for grade level or age range.

And as someone who writes for kids, this is all win.

Amazon wins again.

Oh yeah, here is the short story mentioned above. Which is level for 2nd through 5th graders, thank you very much.

Aliens. Baseball. 99 cents.

Aliens. Baseball. 99 cents.

A new universe and the short story

I am an idiot.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.  But of course it took Hugh Howey to bring it out.

Let me back up.  Sometime last week Hugh put a short story of about 1000 words on KDP.  He admitted he didn’t care if it didn’t sell any copies at all.  He writes that he thought of the story in a cafe, wrote the story, and then did a few editing passes.  He also made the cover with the Amazon cover maker.

Brilliant.  Freakin’ Brilliant.

I am a small pathetic person.  So I was jealous.

But the world opened up when I thought this.

I am a busy person.  I don’t publish yet fast as I would like.  At least not full blown books.  But I can definately publish 3-5,000 word stories on a 2 week to monthly basis.

I have my book Dolbin School for the Extraordinary where I can write stories about the back stories of the dozens of characters in the book.

I could also write short stories and then collect them into one book as a collection.  Many writers do this.

This opens a new universe.  I have written before about thinking about writing in universes.

I like this idea.  I feel like I can write a short story without needing to put cash into the creation of the story.  Use friends to proof the read and learn to do my own cover.  This gives me an excuse to learn Illustrator.

Amazon even has short story categories.  I am ashamed for not putting this together sooner.

Here is Hugh Howey’s short story that inspired me.

So I decided to publish my own. This is a story I have been sitting on for awhile. It’s 5000 words. I have shortened it to 1,900 and am currently in the process of finding an illustrator to turn it into a picture book. 5,000 words is too long to be a read aloud picture book, so I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Hugh inspired me to put it up. I am learning Adobe Illustrator and I stink. So what. I’ll get better.

So here is my short story.

Aliens. Baseball. 99 cents.

Aliens. Baseball. 99 cents.