Trying to write a chapter book, a chapter a day.

My third book is currently being edited and I am in the midst of hiring a book cover designer.

So naturally I decided to begin work on a third Kevin book.


The first two books were written with the plan of the story in my head, and consequently the story unfolded as I wrote the story.  Because I now have a chapter book under my belt my work flow is a little different.  I actually wrote out a couple of paragraphs detailing the story, then I broke that into individual chapters.  It is with that outline I hope to write a first draft of the third Kevin book in about three weeks.  The book in the outline form has 21 chapters.  The final book should be somewhere in the 10,000-11,000 word range.  That around 525 words a day.  525 words a day and in three weeks you have a book leveled for 3rd and up.  Or you have a novella for adults.  The point is with regular everyday writing, you pretty quickly have enough to put together a story.

As a side note, Hugh Howey’s first Wool novella was somewhere in that range.  (No. I’m not going to look up an exact count.  Do it.  And leave a note in the comments.)

If I didn’t have a day job.  I teach 5th grade.  I could do it a lot quicker.  I read that R.L. Stine at one point was putting out a Goosebumps book once a month.

One a month, for 20 years.  And you have quite the franchise.

One a month, for 20 years. And you have quite the franchise.


Dean Wesley Smith writes a lot about the myth of writing slow.  If you are unfamiliar with his work check it out, he blows the lid off the idea that writing a book must be slow.

The point is writing should be fun.  And in this new world you should be putting out as much work as possible.

So here is hoping I can finish in 21 or so.  I’ll keep you posted.


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