Staying exculsive with Amazon for the time being

I am new to this whole self publishing thing.  But I know few things seems to cause such debate as to the idea of staying exclusive with Amazon through their KDP select program.

For the time being I am keeping my work exclusive with Amazon.

Jeff and I have similar hairstyles.  Maybe that's why I am staying.

Jeff and I have similar hairstyles. Maybe that’s why I am staying.

Joe Konrath is going all in on KDP select.  But I don’t have his backlist.  Heck, I don’t have a backlist.

Here are the reasons why I am doing it:

1. It’s easy.  And I’m lazy.  Apparently I need a different file type to upload to the Nook.  I could set up a file with Smashwords and they could send my book everywhere but Amazon.  Two things with that.  One, they get a cut, and two they want me to upload in .doc format.  Word on the street is that Smashwords is very picking about the formatting of your file.  Formatting a paperback and Kindle book is enough trouble for me right now, thank you very much.  Sorry to my two Nook fans.  And don’t get me started on iTunes.  To upload to iTunes directly to iTunes I either need to buy a mac, or sacrifice a an iPod shuffle at Steve Jobs’ memorial.  Currently, I have no plans to do either.

2. I have GREATLY expanded my readership through Select.  I’ve done two different give aways of the first Kevin book.  Between the two giveaways the book has been downloaded over 7,000 times.  I consider that a success.  As a no name author my book is currently sitting in over 7,000 Kindles and devices with the Kindle plug-in.  And after each free promotion paid sales increased.  They increased a lot more and stayed selling longer the second time around this month in March.  Before January I had never published a book.  Now in March over 7,000 people have my book.  Thank you Amazon.

3. Kindle Lending Library.  Seriously, this thing is awesome.  People borrow my book for free on their Kindle, and then I get paid.  And in most cases, because the book is currently priced at $1.99, I get paid MORE for a borrow.  I even noticed that someone bought my book, then returned and borrowed it through the Kindle Lending Library.  Which means I get paid more for the borrow than for the sale.  Awesome.   That’s money I would not get if I left select.  And my borrows were a pretty high percentage in January and March, that I don’t see the borrows being made up by sales on a Nook.

Reasons to leave.

1.  People who own a Nook. I’ve had a few people tell they it on the Nook.  Seriously, I love all four of you very dearly, but this is a business decision.

2.  The ability to give away free copies on my website. This actually the main I was considering leaving select. Due to the exclusivity of Select I can’t give away copies on my site.  But then I did the obvious math. No way could I have given away 7,000 copies on this site.  Not even remotely enough traffic to reach that.  (I know. You’re shocked.)

3.  Just generally against exclusivity. When I tried my hand at stock photography years ago I never signed an exclusivity agreement because I liked having different sites. The problem is Amazon is so good at getting your book seen no other site even comes close.  See David Gaughran’s take on Amazon’s superior search engine. I have yet to read about a writer who had had more sales on Nook or Apple then kindle. If you are such a writer, please leave a note in the comments.

For those that don’t know exclusivity for Amazon is only 90 days.  So I may change my mind later this summer.  If I had several books available I probably would send a few books free from Amazon, but I don’t have that right now.  Leave your opinion about Select in the comments.

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