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I’m a newbie at this publishing on Amazon thing.  At times Amazon baffles me.  When I set up the paperback I had to set a minimum price of somewhere a little above $10.  But then for over a month Amazon lowered the price to $7.62.  I had absolutely no control over that.  In fact I wasn’t even notified of the price change, I just saw it one day.  But the very cool part was that my commission was based on the retail suggested price, so it was a win for everyone.

And then whoops, it went back to $11.95.  So I lowered the price to $10.95, and I can’t offer it much cheaper than that on Amazon.  (46 page color books are expensive to make apparently.)  But based on the price I get from Createspace, I can offer the book even less and then sign it for you.

Shockingly I got C's in elementary school in handwriting.  I

Shockingly, I got C’s in elementary school in handwriting.

The trade off is I can’t offer Amazon free Prime shipping, and I have a busy day job.  So I can’t promise two shipping.  Pretty certain I can get to the post office on Saturday.

If you are just dying to have an autographed copy then by all means click on the pic below.

"Kevin and the Seven Lions"

Click on the book cover to purchase a signed copy of Kevin and the Seven Lions.

Are there any other writers noticing something similar?  Leave a comment if you are.

On another note, I will be writing soon about the new Kevin book coming soon.

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