Whoops. I wrote a book.

I wrote a book.  I am still surprised that.

Kevin and the Seven Lions

As Steve Martin once said something like “I always wanted to be considered an author, so I figured I needed to write a book.”

Thoughts are always better when it is attributed to someone more famous than you.

But let’s not get too crazy, it’s a 1100 word picture book.  The illustrations, which I didn’t do, are better than my writing.

But my little side project project has surprised me.  People told me they liked the book.  I thought people would pat me on the head and say “isn’t that cute.”  But they didn’t, they asked questions instead about how I did it.  I got asked a lot.  So I did a very 21st century thing and began a blog.

By day I teach, or I try to teach first graders.  And trying to teach for the 21st century is still a very anxious thought process.

But I will attempt to show how writing and publishing your own book, and education for the 21st century are connected.

I haven’t completely figured it out yet.  Luckily this is a blog.

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